You Can Select From 3 Styles
GROUTFIT offers a two-sided
grout treatment that allows tile
to fit together seamlessly,
creating a four-sided, more
realistic grout appearance.
(16" & Modular Styles)
GroutFil technology allows you
to create your own custom look
with acrylic grout placed
between the tiles. (16" tiles)
Groutless is an Edge to Edge
effect achieved without grout
(16" tiles)
Ceramic Wear Surface
Permastone is protected by the
Trionite Ceramic Technology
Wear Layer which gives superior
wear resistance.
Extreme Performance Floor Tiles
PermaStone has a
unique realistic tile
look in several
designs and patterns.
Including Modular,
16x16 & 12x12 tiles.

Easy installation,
GroutFit tiles requires
no grouting, and can
be installed in only 1
day unlike ceramic tile
that can take 3 days
for a kitchen.

"GroutFil Tiles offer
the most realistic looks
while having a warmer
floor without the cost
of infloor heating."
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(Quantity & Pallet Discounts)
Quiet - No hollow sounds like some other flooring.

Soft & Warm when compared to cold, hard ceramic.

Scratch Resistant - Puppy paws are no match for our tile.

Stain Resistant - The Tritonite surface resists most stains.
PMR-660, PMR-661, PMR-664, PMR-770, PMR-771, PMR-772, PMR-111, PMR-112, PMR-113, PMR-114, PMR-115, PMR-116, PMR-117, PMR-480,
PMR-481, PMR-482, BB-110, BB-111, BB-112, BB-113, BB-114, BB-116, BI-910, BI-913, BI-914, GZ-331, GZ-333, GZ-334, NS-660, NS-661, NS-664,
TM-220, TM-221, TM-223, TM-224, JS-420, JS-421, JS-422, JS-423, JS-424, JS-425, MB-500, MB-501, MB-502, WT-400, WT-401, WT-402

GFLBB-110, GFLBB-111, GFLBB-112, GFLBB-113, GFLBB-114, GFLBB-116, GFLBI-910, GFLBI-913, GFLBI-914, GFLGZ-331, GFLGZ-333,
GFLGZ-334, GFLNS-660, GFLNS-661, GFLNS-664, GFLTM-220, GFLTM-221, GFLTM-223, GFLTM-224, GFLJS-420, GFLJS-421, GFLJS-422,
GFLJS-423, GFLJS-424, GFLJS-425, GFLMB-500, GFLMB-501, GFLMB-502, GFLWT-400, GFLWT-401, GFLWT-402
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